Understanding Computer Software

Spyware is malware that is employed in a computer or mobile phone to keep track of all the activities that take place. The presence of spy software is typically hidden from the user and cannot be detected easily. It is used as means of protection to your personal computer and lets you know who is misusing your hospitality.

Among the various computer software, spy software is among the few extremely essential types of software that are installed in a computer. One of them is the key logger that enables you to keep track of all keyboard activities that have taken place and secretly records your passwords and all the keystrokes that have been pressed in your absence. The CEOs can take full control of their computers while working and concerned parents can easily track their children’s activities. Internet café owners can keep see what their customers have been up to by using key loggers. Some of the well know software key loggers that are in use are Activity Logger, Boss Everyware, Spector Pro, HookDump, IamBigBrother, Invisible Key Logger Stealth, iOpus STARR, iSpyNOW,, KeyKeeper, KeyKey, KeyLog, KeySpy, Keystroke Reporter, KeyCopy PC Spy, Perfect Keylogger, ProBot, Ghost Keylogger Realtime Spy,, SpyAgent, SpyBuddy, WinWhatWhere Investigator. There are some more important spywares like coolwebsearch, internet optimizer, huntbar, movieland, mywebsearch, etc which are in vogue. idm crack

Despite of various doubts about its uses, spy software’s are most effective if you are trying to keep a record of the activities of a person. Not only does spy software monitor the activities of a computer it can also keep an eye on mobile phones. So if your teenage daughter is texting or you suspect your spouse to be cheating on you all you have to do is employ spy software. With the progressive trend of sex talk and mature activities among teenagers parental control has been mandatory in various spheres of your teen’s life. You may be surprised to know that you can also keep a track of your employee’s activities and have full control over your staff members.

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